IMG_8486Sweet Palate is operated by family members who were nurtured in a family involving in food business. Trained as finance professionals (avid food lover), our passion towards baking and cooking were developed since childhood.

Those childhood and teenage days helping our Granny and our home-baker Aunt in our large family house kitchen from cooking traditional Hokkien and Nyonya dishes to baking festive cookies and cakes, not only left us invaluable memories, but also cultivated our love for baking and cooking.

To further purRaspberry Vanillasue our interests in baking, we took up baking, pastry and cake decorating courses to improve our skills. We started putting together what we learned into practice by baking for our family members, friends and colleagues for all occasions. Coupled with years of travel, we not only have fond memories of hunting for good food and desserts but also bring home with us inspirations for food and desserts from all over the world.

Blueberry cheeseStarted from the home kitchen supplying decorated celebration cakes and cupcakes, Sweet Palate has since grown from offering merely cakes to a wider selection of sweets for dessert tables at themed parties as well as other occasions. We also craft food gifts and customised favours for special events. Our bespoke cakes have been featured on numerous issues of ‘Malaysia Tatler’.